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The story of Bedford’s young Mary Lemon, the 1907-1909 journal she created and the town in which she lived

In the fall of 2009, a realtor in San Diego, California, named Jan Davis called the Lawrence County Museum of History. Ms. Davis said that she had found a diary belonging to a 15-year-old girl named Mary Lemon, who had lived on 15th Street in Bedford in 1908. 

Along with the diary, she found some old books and Mary Lemon’s Vassar yearbook. Ms. Davis found all of these items in the garage of a home in San Diego. She thought it must be of historical interest and value.The Lawrence County Museum was definitely interested in the diary, and Ms. Davis sent it a few days later. 

Some of Mary’s friends grew up to become well-known members of our community, so the diary offers a fascinating picture of those personalities in their formative years. Mary herself writes with such candor and spirit that it’s easy to see Bedford through her eyes.

The diary was transcribed into a digital version, and an exhibit book was created. Mary describes life at Bedford High School, taffy-pulling parties in the basement of the Baptist Church, train trips, roller skating and everyday life. 

The book,  Through the eyes of a teenager, is available for sale in the museum giftshop. In it you will find lots of information and pictures about this grand time in the history of Bedford.


During the summer of 2011, the Community Room was established and Through the eyes of a teenager became the introductory exhibit.

Bedford images from the 1908 period.

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