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Lawrence County Historical Location Records Archive

A new Lawrence County Museum of History Project

The Lawrence County Museum would like to record the location of historical Lawrence County sites so they won’t be lost or forgotten in the future.

Examples: old home sites, abandoned roads, prehistoric villages and camp sites, school locations, cemeteries etc.—any site that might be of interest (even if it’s just of interest to your family). It could also be a “then and now” by including what was once there as well as the way your site of interest looks now.

NOTE: The archive will include pictures so you will need to send us a photo.
Please don’t trespass on private property. Get the landowner’s permission to be on the site to take a picture.

It’s easy to have a site included, just follow these steps:

  1. Prepare an email for the museum at this address: 

  2. Use “Lawrence County Historical Location Archive” as the subject

  3. Include your name—you are the donor.

  4. Include a digital photo of the place.
    Be sure to include the date the photo was taken. If you have an old photo you want to use, include its date or a guesstimate of its date. All photos must be digital.

  5. Include the story about the photo(s).

  6. Include the coordinates of the place shown in the photo. Many of these historical sites won’t have a postal address so having the coordinates are important! If you know a postal address, include that, too, but recording the coordinates is essential.

  7. Designate usability specifications. 

    • Public site—accessible to everyone

    • Family site (private use and museum staff use—accessible by password) 

    • Museum use only (accessible by password)

Don’t know the coordinates?

If you have a smartphone, you can download a free Commander Compass app on your smartphone.
Get it here: It’s easy to find the coordinates using Commander Compass .


If you have a computer, and know the location, go to: and click your cursor on the location on the map. Both the postal address and coordinates will appear in a pop-up box. Copy that info into your email.

Need more help? Read more here:

What happens next?

Museum staff will load material to the Lawrence County Historical Location Records Archive.
Staff will then notify the donor when their location information has been loaded and how it can be accessed online.

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